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“Redemption Songs”: The Album

Featuring some of the top songs coming out of the program with 

pro/hit songwriters and artists/musicians and their inmate co-writers

Redemption Song:

Your Brokenness is Your Gold

The Book – written by our Founder, Jeni Dominelli, 

along with songwriters and program participants

I’m writing my debut book!!!… The one I’ve been dreaming about writing since I was like five years old and was obsessed with books and reading and told everyone I wanted to be an “arthur” when I grew up. 

Except I had no idea that I’d one day be writing the story of my own life, my family’s lives, and the back-story of why I founded a non-profit organization and began the craziest but most incredible journey of my life.  But I AM.  And now I’m inviting you all to be a part of THIS journey throughout my writing process… and all the way through to the book’s release.

Although I hint at it whenever I speak at events for The Beat of Life, most people don’t know my family’s entire story – or you know what we now refer to in the media as the “false narrative”.  It was a long time ago and thankfully decades before social media crashed upon us, but it was a front page and nightly news story for years.  But it is intricately woven into the story behind The Beat of Life – which began with the story of my family’s brokenness as well as the story of my own.  And perhaps most importantly, the story of why I chose to use my life to reach out to all my fellow brokenhearted and downtrodden souls in this world.  

A lot of people have tried to tell versions of it.  There are other books and plenty of pieces written about my Dad, who was the centerpiece of the story, and at one point my family was even offered a movie deal.  But I told my Dad years ago, before he passed away, that I would one day write the “real story”.  And a redemptive one.    

While it is a tale of our family’s and my own darkest trials, devastations, and often despair – the good, bad, and unfiltered raw and ugly – it is also one of hope and the redemption of it all.  

As I share as honestly as possible a lifetime of brokenness and the subsequent road to redemption through my great vision of the launch of The Beat of Life (of which I also promise to share all the highs and lows and everything in between), my greatest hope is that someone, maybe one of you, might read this and be inspired to press on.  And maybe, like me, to realize that your own brokenness can actually become one of the greatest gifts you can offer to a hurting and desperate world… that it can actually become your gold.  

But wait… there’s more.  (Always.)  Because the story of The Beat of Life is not just my own.  It is the story of my comrades in arms that got in the dirt of it all with me so that it could rise into the powerhouse it is… and it is the story of the scores of those we have served at The Beat of Life through the power of music.  

And so, Part Two will give you their stories, too… in their own words.  Hit songwriters, inmates, those battling mental illness, and youth battling their own broken worlds, and more.  They talk about mental health, addiction, abuse, incarceration, disabilities, loss and grief, fractured families and senses of self, and prejudice and poverty.  They talk about any and all kinds of brokenness and each one shares their inspiring stories of how their own personal adversity and trials have become a gift, both in their own lives and in how they are now able to interact with and serve others in the world… in one that needs their inspiration more than ever before.  Finally, they weave in how the life-saving power of music helped make their own golden stories happen.

Just a few of those faces…

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