But there’s another really special piece to our mission that we haven’t mentioned yet.

The Beat of Life’s Mission #2: The Campaign For Songwriters

We’ve already demonstrated the unparalleled value of the songwriter in our programs.  Their worth cannot even be fully conveyed.  What’s been so exciting is that the songwriters all report leaving with an equally profound life-changing experience – all of whom find their OWN therapy, healing or powerful transformation in perspective, and gain a better understanding of the human struggle of these vulnerable populations.  They’re also writing songs they could otherwise only dream of writing.  It’s a powerful win-win of a match up.  

Tragically, however, songwriters today have to fight harder than ever to prove that tremendous value to consumers in our new digitalized world.  The past few years have seen the songwriting profession devastated. The Nashville Songwriters Association Int’l. (NSAI), estimates the profession has dwindled 80-90% in terms of the number of songwriters earning their primary income from royalties on current song activity.  Many have left Nashville altogether.

So it quickly became written into our mission, as Mission #2 running alongside our first, to be able to hire and employ songwriters (as well as musicians, session players, studios, etc.) for our programs – creating a mutually beneficial partnership all around.

Inviting them to be part of something extremely meaningful and healing, while also  providing income to and advocating for the ones who create the real magic of this city – our songwriters – creates a compelling vision of a future landscape for greater support, honor, and appreciation of our incredible tunesmiths.  And that’s an even better win-win.                                                    

Once 2020 and COVID-19 hit, the urgency to help our struggling community of musicians and songwriters became even more dire of a need, as the entire industry has been kept from earning their usual living of primarily live music and studio recording, forcing most to desperately search for new sources of income.

Those who seek to support our vision financially are often the same individuals who have a vested interest in keeping the music industry and community evolving, growing, and thriving/alive as well.   So we hope that will provide all the more incentive… investing upstream, right back into the Nashville music community that has always been known to give of themselves and their talents so generously for other causes.