Redemption Songs

 “Redemption Songs”  is our program designed to serve the inmate populations in jails and prisons.

The program has a permanent home residency at The Nashville Sheriff’s Office thanks to Nashville Sheriff Daron Hall, our first true champion in the correctional world for the program.  

After significant media attention on the success of our program – and subsequent demand from other facilities – we’re proud to announce that we are now expanding to other cities and even states!  

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see one of our first newly developed partnerships and programs at The York County Sheriffs Office in York, South Carolina.


Redemption Songs has grown from a 2-day program event to offering up to 8-week program cycles for inmates featuring an expanded signature Music Can Save A Life curriculum

We then rapidly tripled the amount of inmates per class that we began with – due to mass inmate demand and sign-ups  and not wanting to turn so many away – going from an intimate class of only 6 admitted per inmate pod per cycle to up to 18 inmates per pod per class cycle)

Both Pre-Surveys and Post-Surveys given to inmate participants for outcome data collection yield consistently astounding results (scroll below for data breakdown)

Inmates upon release (and even those transferred to TDOC to finish their sentence) reach out from each cycle – we receive scores of letters, emails, and Facebook messages and afterwards, thanking us and continuing the relationships with both us and the songwriters via letters, visits, etc. to continue to spur them on in their journey toward transformation and redemption.  True friendships and nourishing relationships are being built far beyond the program cycles.  (And we all know this is often the missing link.)

L – Tommie Harris of NFL Chicago Bears, songwriter and inspirational guest speaker for a Redemption Songs Concert

R – A Bible presented to inmate Quincy Sharpe by songwriter Billy Dawson & family

PR/Media on “Redemption Songs” in Nashville and beyond

(from local to national/international exposure):

University of San Diego Magazine (international publication distributed worldwide) – Cover feature story on “Redemption Songs” – Click Here

NPR Radio – radio interviews and song spins, feature story Click Here

Local Nashville News segments (WSMV channel 4, Fox News, and News channel 5)

Tom Randall, Anchor of WSMV channel 4 feature in documentary

Artist music video released for a “Redemption Song”

Nashville SuperTalk 99.7 fm & The Michael DelGiorno Show features

WAY FM 89.9 fm – radio interviews and song spins 

CMA/BMG/Music Row  – performance /speaking requests for “Redemption Songs” for music industry professionals

Celebrity guest perfomers/speakers/ musicians/ songwriters/ artists sharing posts across social media with 1,000,000+ followers combined

American Jail Association Magazine (national publication distributed across U.S.) – Cover feature story on “Redemption Songs” Click Here to See More

Invitation to present “Redemption Songs” for the Closing Ceremony at The American Jail Association’s Annual National Convention in Louisville, KY

(L – Email from Joel Huffer, Director of Communications, American Jail Association – following The Beat of Life’s Closing Ceremony at the AJA Annual Convention)


Southern Criminal Justice Association 2019 Conference Presenters

“Redemption Songs” Program

Outcome Data:

 Powerful pieces of outcome data and their accompanying pie charts from Post Program Exit Surveys given to participants from all program cycles last year:


I understand more about the craft of songwriting than I did before the class            




I have increased self confidence:




I understand how I can think differently about myself and my life                                                                                                                                                                                           (and therefore have more empowering outcomes)





I understand how to use music to do this (think and feel differently)





I am able to see at least one thing about myself or my life   in a more redeeming way




(Write-in Answer:)

Did the class – and your song that was created – help you to view any of your life traumas, challenges, or your overall life story in a different and more empowering way?   (Please share specifically if you’re willing!)

100% YES (with each sharing a powerful personal story of exactly what/how) 

Inmate Quotes:

 We could talk about it ourselves all day long, but one of the best ways to describe the benefits of the program  is sharing the words and testimonies of others:

Some of the most powerful words coming from the inmates on write-in answers on Post Program Exit Surveys

“Just so you know, this is the BEST PROGRAM at Core Civiv…” 

“This program is a game-changer!  It embraces one’s spirit and mind, raising the ability to strive through tough times.”

“This program was most the powerful and best day I ever experienced next to giving birth to my children.”

“I would tell my fellow inmates that this program would change their life.  Being able to “redeem” yourself/story through song is a powerful and even spiritual journey and experience.”

“Music can lift a broken man’s spirits.  It can make him realize he has something to live for.  Giving a man some worth (through a program like this) can cause him to make life-saving decisions.”

“With a simple song a person (like me) can make a turn in life…”

“This program is the best thing that’s happened to me since I’ve been incarcerated…bringing light to a dark part of our lives.  Truly amazing and one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.”

“I’m out now and was finally able to find and reach out to you all.  It was one of the most inspirational and uplifting days I’ve had in a very long time when you brought your team to the jail. Being able to create with Lori and Adam was amazing. Thanks for doing what you do.  I had to let you know how much that meant to me.  I’m out now and would really like to be a part of y’all’s organization.” 

“Thank you so much for blessing us with this program from The Beat of Life.  So many of us in here are just like children wanting to be loved.  God has cleansed my soul through this experience and song, and this program is actually an answer to a prayer I prayed.  I can’t wait for my song to recorded to bless others’ lives now as it has mine.”

“The Beat of Life family changed my life forever, straight up saved my life!” 

Professional Testimonials:

“OH.MY.STARS.!!!!!!!  I am blown away. I work for Sheriff Daron Hall who is nationally known for his innovative programs and the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office is known to be the leader in corrections.  The Redemption Songs program is BREATHTAKING, and I truly believe all of you would be blown away with what you see “inside the walls”.  And the kids program is absolutely phenomenal.  I cannot tell you how deep it is.  No words.  It is a wonder I drove back to my building without getting into a wreck, I was bawling!  I can’t stop thinking about it.” – Shreeti Bickett, Program Administrator Davidson County Sheriff’s Office

“The inmates’ cell blocks were buzzing like crazy after the event, as they talked amongst themselves about how awesome and impactful the event was.  Now all the other inmates want to know when their turn is to be a part of ‘Redemption Songs’.  I just can’t get over the fact that these songwriters, in just a couple hours, are able to evoke emotions from these inmates – perhaps for the first time ever – and resolve deep inner issues and traumas in ways we haven’t been able to through traditional talk therapy and counseling in our other programs cannot/has not accomplished.  Mountains were moved this day, and we’re only just beginning!” – Regina DeRiggi, Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, Treatment Supervisor

“It’s a painful thing that goes on when someone is arrested, and that person needs to get off the streets and into an environment that is safe, clean, and sober… and maybe we can connect that person to something they have never had before.  I don’t have a magic pill, but I can tell you one thing: music for me, personally, and for a lot of people in this world is therapy.  We’re in Music City… Who are we not to bring that resource to people who need it more than anybody else?  I have met a bunch of people in my line of work all my life.  There are people who have all kinds of ideas and they never go anywhere. I listen to everyone and never say no to anybody.  Here’s what you need to know.  These people (the Beat of Life) are real people who do real things and they are walking the walk.  Because of the work of The Beat of Life and the effect they are having on people in the system, we are sitting here today with 1,600 beds empty out of 4,000.”  – Nashville Sheriff Daron Hall, Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.

“The Beat of Life is doing extraordinary things.  Now we really have seen and heard why they say, “Music Can Save A Life.”  The quality of the songwriting was first rate with at least one Grammy award-winner there, but to see the impact… was deeply moving.  One by one the six inmates who were being served came to the front with the songwriters who had spent the day with them and shared their songs.  As they had opened their hearts and shared their lives, their musical friends had helped them shape their feelings into amazing lyrics and melodies.  They beamed as their songs were performed.  Some sang themselves.  Most of them looked at the Sheriff and thanked him for allowing this to happen.  As I looked at their faces and saw some of their tears, I had to wonder if this was perhaps the most positive day of their lives.  It would not surprise me if  later they say this was the beginning of whole new life.” – Tom Jones, Christian author/teacher/minister

One of our first newly developed partnerships and programs
outside of Nashville, TN at The York County Sheriffs Office in York, South Carolina

Take a peek at the program here:

“Redemption Songs” T-shirt / Album

“Redemption Songs” Album: featuring some of the top songs coming out of the program with pro/hit songwriters and artists/musicians


(NOTE: Album project had to be placed ON HOLD due to COVID but will be completed as soon as it is possible to reconvene safely in the studio.  If you have pre-ordered, you are still slated to receive it upon completion but may email for a refund if you do not wish to wait!)

“Redemption Songs”:  Founders Personal Story