Mission #1

Our vision at The Beat of Life is to provide therapeutic songwriting and music programs to Nashville’s most vulnerable, challenged, and hurting populations. We accomplish this mission through a bringing together and utilizing of all the talent and resources we have right here in this awesome city of Nashville.

Our tagline is “Music Can Save A Life”… because we believe music is so much more than just an incredible form of entertainment, but that music also has the ability to profoundly transform and even potentially save lives. We are therefore tackling some of the most critical social issues of our times through the power of music.

The concept is basically using Nashville’s greatest asset and resource – music – to not just churn out more entertainment and hits, but to now serve our community in a powerful way. It’s the merging of our music community and industry with our human and social services sector. When you bring those two worlds together, it’s incredible what can happen.


Here in Nashville, it’s probably safe to say that the majority of us may understand the power of music and its impact to an even greater degree perhaps than anywhere else. Known globally as “Music City”, Nashville has now been hailed as the global music epicenter perhaps more than ever before, and is filled with some of the richest musical resources on earth. We’re churning out more songwriters, hit songs, and superstar artists than ever and the trends of late show that this reality is only growing. There is literally an immeasurable wealth of talent and musical assets in the city of Nashville.

But at The Beat of Life, we believe that music is not simply powerful in its capacity for entertainment purposes. We believe music is also unarguably one of Nashville’s greatest and most powerful assets that we can leverage in serving and healing the wounded and distressed among us.

Music is one of the most extraordinary healing tools that exists, and possesses the ability to touch the human spirit and transform lives perhaps more profoundly than anything else in the world. We all understand this on at least some basic level. Most of us use music every day as a personal therapy for the body, mind, spirit, and soul – likely without even realizing we are using it as such. No matter what age we may be or what challenge we may face, we have used it to motivate, lift up, encourage, comfort, inspire, remind, and teach us. Music has brought us energy, enthusiasm, laughter, exhilaration, much-needed tears, and the courage and strength to fight our battles. It has helped us to access emotions that may have been dormant, to change our behaviors, and to overcome often horrific circumstances, or aspire to dreams of greatness. Music has the universal power to bring new life to any person or group of people, anywhere, at any time, transcending all human boundaries, all human circumstances, and all human hearts.

At The Beat of Life, we believe it is not over-reaching to say that music can not only heal and change lives, but that it can actually save lives. And there is plenty of evidence – beyond just our own personal observations – to prove it.

Not only are we all firsthand witnesses to this incredible phenomenon, but there is now a growing body of research and scientific evidence supporting the use of music in ways we may have never considered before: Music as a therapeutic, healing, and, yes, potentially life-saving tool.

Research has shown that because music has such a tremendous effect on the mind and body, it has the ability to profoundly and positively impact the physical, emotional, mental, and social needs of human beings in ways science is only beginning to understand – especially for individuals experiencing extreme challenges and suffering.

Many people might assume that because we are here in Nashville – the “Music City” of the world – that we have fully taken hold of this incredible tool that we have in such abundance here, using it for the mighty and noble purposes such as these, for all of those struggling souls amongst us. But unfortunately, this is not the case.

The vast majority of human service organizations in Nashville – those serving our most vulnerable, challenged, and hurting populations – do not have any type of music program due to a lack of financial resources to support one.

And so, this is where the vision of The Beat of Life was born, with the mission to provide therapeutic music programs to Nashville’s most vulnerable, challenged, and hurting populations through a mobilization all of the incredible musical resources we have here in Music City to now serve a higher purpose: to bring potentially life-changing music programs to these populations and organizations that could not otherwise afford it, at no cost to them, helping to change the face of Nashville using what we do best.