Get Involved


What makes a massive humanitarian effort such as this one possible is synergy and teamwork. A rallying of the city and a joint effort between all aspects of the music industry to serve our community in a greater way than ever before.
There are almost unlimited ways in which you can get involved and join The Beat of Life family. As a new organization, we will be continuously evolving and growing, and relying on the hearts of those in Nashville who share our vision to join us in this journey as we do so. We welcome your joining forces with us in any of the following ways.

Songwriters; Musicians; Studios; Producers; Session Players; and other Music Partners

Obviously, the bulk of our need will always revolve around our music talent. Choose to get involved on either a one-time or ongoing basis, preferably with a program that serves a cause close to your heart.
Email our Director of Programs, Steve Bryant for more information.

Request a Program for Your Organization

If you currently work for a human/social service organization and would like to request The Beat of Life to bring a music program to the clients you serve, you can inquire about a program being initiated for your organization.
Email our Executive Director, Jeni Dominelli for more information.

Community Partnerships and Sponsors

We will always be interested in forming mutually beneficial community partnerships with music industry and other corporations, arts councils and foundations, government departments, and the like that share our vision. We need much support, but we also offer many opportunities for your organization to benefit greatly from your partnering with The Beat of Life in our many ventures.
Email our Director of Strategic Alliances & Artist/Writer/Publisher Relations, Cassandra Tormes for more information.

Internships; Service-Learning with Credit Opportunities

We are currently establishing internship and service learning opportunities with the potential of earning course credit through university partnerships.
Email our Director of Programs, Steve Bryant for more information.

For additional information or questions, please contact us.