The Power of “Us”.  It’s always existed, but never before in the history of mankind  have we had such collective brainpower AND financial power to tackle our world’s enormous problems.

But that was pre-2020.  For a large majority of us, our financial situations took an unfortunate turn in varying degrees this past year, from only slightly for some to catastrophic for others.  

In these unprecedented times when the world is in greater crisis than ever before and demand for services is sky-rocketing and funds are also plummeting, more help is needed than ever, in this tipping point of a new era for the world… from those who are still able.  

If that’s you, we have several new ways to help in these dire times.

But together, we can write a new future.

Ways to Give

Make a one time gift of any amount

Monthly donor subscription giving program

Be A Voice: 

Adopt an inmate – $15/mo.

Adopt a student – $15/mo.

Adopt a teen or adult battling mental illness – $15/mo.

If all you can give is just  a little…you can still do a LOT for one life…

Major Donor sponsor program

Become a Headliner:  

Adopt a jail or prison – $1,000

Adopt a school or classrom – $1,000

Adopt a mental health center – $1,000

Bring us to a new group, school, class, facility, center, organization, etc. location…creating impact that otherwise would never be…

We also welcome the opportunity to discuss any desires to create your own passion fund for a program of your choice as well as tribute/memorial/family dedications, legacy gifts, naming opportunities, and the like.  We would LOVE to hear about any meaningful ways we can acknowledge your special gift.  

Please contact for more info/to discuss ideas:  Jeni Dominelli, Founder/CEO

The Beat of Life is a 501©3    Gifts are tax deductible    Tax EIN #: 45-4149363