You are a fellow visionary
The Beat of Life is a young, innovative, visionary organization with a commanding view of the future. Innovation means new ideas, new research, and new approaches to social issues that define our times. Here at The Beat of Life we are boldly breaking ground on some very new territory in Music City. This means that supporting our organization is not just a chance to give a gift, but a chance to make history.

Innovation also leads to very strong community leadership positioning. By launching the first organization of its kind, The Beat of Life is uniquely situated to actually pioneer the development of a service model for other cities around the entire country.

If we don't do this: no one will
The innovative nature of The Beat of Life is incredibly exciting, but it also means that our organization is not merely an extension of another program already available somewhere else. This means that if we don’t fulfill our mission, no one else will! We need support all the more because if we don’t fulfill our mission of bringing music to the hurting people of Nashville, quite simply, no one else will. This means your support truly does make possible what otherwise would not be.
You don't want to just write a check
Supporting a young, new organization brings an opportunity to do more than simply send off a check in the mail. It offers opportunities for involvement and interaction at levels that might not be possible with larger or longer-established and massive organizations. And it is our desire to do just that. When you support us, you’re becoming a part of The Beat of Life family, and we consider you a true partner with us in changing lives through the power of music.
You can choose the cause closest to your heart
At The Beat of Life, when you help and support us, we want to help YOU accomplish what you have in your heart to support. While we have one overall mission, we are building programs to serve an extremely diverse variety of “causes” within that mission through all of the populations we serve. And so, if you choose to support the work of The Beat of Life, you may also choose to allocate your support for a particular population or need that we are serving with a music program that touches a special place in YOUR heart. You may even choose to outright sponsor an entire program. You get to choose whose life you are touching with your gift of music.