Community Program Partners

TN National Guard

The volunteer spirit and Tennessee, an inseparable combination since 1780 when Colonel John Sevier called for “100 good men,” and 200 answered, has been a source of pride for generations of Tennesseans. Today, that spirit is still alive and well with the more than 10,700 Soldiers of the Tennessee Army National Guard. They serve as full partners with active duty American men and women, worldwide, to make up the “Total Force” of the American defense. We take pride in the opportunity to protect our homes, our community, and our country!

Davidson County Corrections

“At the Correctional Development Center, we focus on a variety of efforts to improve the chances offenders do not come back to jail. Two highly acclaimed state-licensed programs operate out of this facility: the Sheriff’s Anti-Violence Effort (SAVE), a treatment program for domestic violence perpetrators; and, New Avenues, a 45-day intensive alcohol and drug treatment program. Our staff works to get to the root of an offender’s cycle of crime and we know that many times the cause is addiction. Other programs at this facility increase the chance an inmate can become a productive citizen upon release and that is the end goal for us all. Female offender issues are also a priority. Understanding the varying needs of this population, the CDC staff has taken great stride to design programs especially for female offenders.” – Sheriff Daron Hall


Daron Hall was sworn-in as the 61st sheriff of Davidson County September 2002 – becoming the youngest sheriff since the formation of Metropolitan Government in 1963. He was elected to his fourth term in 2014.

Since the institution of metropolitan government in 1963, the Davidson County Sheriff is no longer a law enforcement official. Currently, the Sheriff’s Office is charged with two major functions: the safety and security of all inmates housed in Davidson County jails, and the service of all civil process. The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department functions as the primary law enforcement agency.

Although the Sheriff’s Office no longer lashes offenders in the public streets and no longer patrols the roads, it has assumed a great responsibility to Metropolitan Nashville. Overseeing more than 4,000 inmates, over 850 employees, and a $70-million budget, makes the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office an important and essential part of our community.

Metro Nashville Public Schools

We embrace and value a diverse student population and community. Different perspectives and backgrounds form the cornerstone of our strong public education system.

Provide an excellent teacher in every class, for every student, every year;
Ensure that school leadership is focused on high student achievement and cultivates an environment that produces excellence for a diverse student body;
Build and sustain effective and efficient systems to support finances, operations and the academic and personal growth of students;
Engage all families, recognizing the power and responsibility of parents and caregivers to drive success for students; and
Strengthen connections with the entire community to support all areas of student growth.

All students bring unique cultural backgrounds, learning styles, abilities, interests, and social and health needs.
Each student can achieve at high levels, exceeding national standards.
Quality school staff is essential to academic excellence.
Consistent and sustained leadership ensures results are achieved and proven strategies can take hold.
Professional development must be sustained, clear and consistently focused on quality instruction.
Families and community organizations must be partners in meeting our goals.
Each person in the school system is responsible for working toward this vision.
Effective, two-way communication with parents and other stakeholders is essential.
Transparency and accountability must be valued and practiced.


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